simple and
electronic lifters.


Power, precision in positioning,
extreme noiselessness.

Discover EVO

Compact and
for maximum

Discover RIO

Double low wheel,
double column,
maximum stability.

Discover SH100iL

Compact and

Discover SH100i

Compact and manoeuvrable
even on uneven floors

Discover SH100e

The help you need to put your mind at rest

The Maxan line includes 5 electronic lifter models
for the effective and safe management of loads, easy to use and suitable for everyone.

You will be better protected from physical hazards due to lifting and transporting weights manually,
you will experience fewer operational problems and you won’t need a licence:
Maxan is all this and much more!

Why choose Maxan?

Discover all the advantages of the line:

Functional accessories for specific lifting needs

The wide range of Maxan accessories is the main strength of the line, as it allows us to meet the specific needs of users and of the sector in which the lifter will be used.

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