Power, precision in positioning,
extreme noiselessness.

Prodotti Maxan

This model was developed for the most demanding handing. It is equipped as standard with a proportional inductive joystick, which makes any lifting operation precise, fast and intuitive.
An innovative transmission system further reduces operating noise.

Also available in stainless steel.

Technical specifications

Scheda tecnica
Length980 mm
Width590 mm
Height2050 mm
Stroke1520 mm
Payload200 kg
Front wheels80 mm
Rear wheels with brake125 mm
Power supply24V
Battery chargerIntegrated 100-240V
Batteries2 x 20 Ah
Battery charger cableSupplied
Machine weight87 kg
Frame structurePainted

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Special features: compactness, single-column and excellent visibility.


Special features: double column, double low wheel and great stability.


Special features: compactness and manoeuvrability for indoor use.


Special features: compactness and manoeuvrability for outdoor use.

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